Private Parties and Catering

We Do Private Parties!
Our party room can comfortably seat up to 40 people.
Reservations are taken and honored on a first come first served basis.

We Cater Too!
Minimum of 10 people per delivery.

Lunch per head 8
Dinner per head 12

Please inquire within for further details.

To Go Menu

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Favorite Featured Entrees

Salt and Pepper Flounder
Tempura Fried Flounder cutlets, sautéed with diced onions, chili pepper oil, and a touch of salt, paired with our signature garlic green beans.
Lunch 17 Dinner 26

Ginger Salmon
Salmon and fresh ginger, steamed to perfection, topped with scallions and a drizzle of soy sauce, over a bed of steamed mixed vegetables, finished a splash of sizzling hot oil, to blend and seal the flavors into the salmon.
Lunch 17 Dinner 26

Honey Walnut Shrimp
Tempura Fried Jumbo Shrimp served over steamed mixed vegetables, honey glazed walnuts, and our sweet and savory Honey Walnut Sauce on the side.
Lunch 14 Dinner 21

Noodle Soups

(full bowls only)

LoMein or MeiFun Noodle Soup  LoMein or MeiFun Noodle Soup
LoMein egg noodles or MeiFun rice noodles with napa cabbage, scallions, mushrooms, carrots, and egg in chicken broth.
Shrimp 14 Marinated Tofu 13
Chicken 13 Marinated Beef 16

Udon Noodle SoupJapanese Udon Noodles with napa cabbage, egg, scallions,
mushrooms, carrots, in chicken broth.
Shrimp: 15 Marinated Tofu 14
Chicken 14 Marinated Beef 16

Grilled Entrees

All of grilled entrees are served with garlic string beans, AND Your choice of Steamed White or Vegetable Fried Rice. (You may substitute Brown Rice for +1)

Tofu Kabobs    Flavorful marinated tofu skewers served over garlic string beans Lunch 11 Dinner 16
Chicken Kabobs    Marinated chicken skewers served over garlic string beans Lunch 12 Dinner 17
Shrimp Kababs    Grilled shrimp skewers brushed with our distinctive grill sauce served over garlic string beans Lunch 12 Dinner 18
Kabob Combination   (lunch only)  One each of our chicken, shrimp, and marinated tofu kabobs served over garlic string beans 12
Grilled Salmon Filet    Salmon filets perfectly grilled and served over garlic string beans Lunch 12 Dinner 21
Chicken and Shrimp Kabobs   (dinner only) Two each of our chicken and shrimp kabobs served over garlic string beans 18


Edamame   5
Shrimp Tempura   9
Seaweed Salad    5.5
Shrimp Spring Rolls   5.5
*Chicken Curry Potstickers  6
*Vegetable Spring Rolls  3
*Pork Dumplings   7.5 (Pan-Fried 8.5)
*Crab Wantons   7
Appetizer Taster  11
(2 of each asterisked appetizers)

Kid’s Meals

(12 and younger please)

Each kid’s meal is served with one scoop of rice and one vegetable.

Chicken or Shrimp Kabob    5
Grilled Salmon    6.5
Pork Dumplings    5
Sesame Chicken   6
Sweet & Sour Chicken   6  (no veg side)
Chicken or Tofu LoMein (no sides) 6
Chicken Fried Rice (no sides) 6


Miso    2
Pork Wonton    2.5
Egg Drop    2
Hot & Sour    2.5


Entrees are priced according to your choice of Meat
(unless specified in the dish)

















Marinated Tofu



Please let us know of any Allergies!

Dishes in RED are SPICY. Any other dish can be made spicy at request. Level of spice can also be adjusted up or down to taste.

Dishes in BLUE are Gluten Free. Gluten Free versions of some other entrees are also available, but you must request so when ordering.

Please tell us when ordering if you need a dish to be Vegetarian or Vegan.



Classic Wok Entrees

You may select any meat for these entrees unless otherwise specified.
Sides: Steamed White / Vegetable Fried Rice / Steamed Brown Rice 1 /

Thai    Delicious smooth sauce with snowpeas, carrots, bamboo shoots, and onion; slightly savory yet with a hint of sweet
~ can be made with any meat or tofu
Sesame or General Tso’s Chicken
Sweet & Sour Chicken   Lightly batter fried and sauteed with pineapple chunks, onion, and green bell pepper
Yellow or Red Coconut Curry    Onion, green bell pepper, carrot, and snowpeas tossed in our delicious curry sauce with a splash of coconut milk.
Garlic String Beans    Fresh snapped string beans sauteed with minced garlic
Steamed Mixed Veggies    Broccoli, carrot, mushrooms, zucchini, snowpeas, tossed in your choice of sauce: Brown, garlic, Blackbean, Beijing, Szechuan, White Ginger, Yellow or Red Curry
Broccoli in Brown Sauce Lots and lots of broccoli in a savory Brown Sauce
BeiJing    Broccoli, mushroom, onion, green bell pepper with a classic Chinese soy based sauce
Mongolian    Onions and scallions in spicy oyster sauce
MooShu    Egg, shredded cabbage, bamboo shoots, and green onions in a plum and oyster sauce.
~ can be made with chicken, pork, or marinated tofu (Lunch 9 Dinner 14)
~ can also be made with beef (Lunch 11 Dinner 16)

Stir Fried Noodle Entrees

Pad Thai Noodles    Small flat rice noodles tossed with napa cabbage, onions, scallions, carrots, and sautéed egg; topped with crushed peanuts.
It’s even better when it’s spicy. Ask your server!
Singapore Curry Noodles   Small thin rice noodles tossed in yellow curry, with napa cabbage, carrots, onion, sautéed egg, and scallions.
Ask to make it with Red Curry for $1
Classic Stir-­Fried Noodles    LoMein style noodles with shredded bamboo shoots, napa cabbage, carrots, onion, sauteed egg, and scallion
MeiFun Noodles    Small thin rice noodles tossed with napa cabbage, carrots, onion, sauteed egg, scallion, and a little soy sauce
New York Noodles   Our marinated grilled chicken tossed with napa cabbage, carrots, onions, scallions, egg, soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic (Lunch 10/Dinner 15)

Stir Fried Rice

Classic Fried Rice    Rice stir fried with broccoli, cabbage, peas, egg, and onion in soy sauce
Deluxe Fried Rice (dinner portion only)    Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, AND Pork, stir-fried rice, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, peas, onion, egg, in soy sauce. 16